Notes for Using PianoSmart DCD1+PS


PianoSmart fails to synchronize.  Consult the chapter on Troubleshooting in the Yamaha manual.  Just to let you know that if you copy an audio CD, and its companion Smart PianoSoft disk are to be played simultaneously, their playback timing may not coincide.  The PianoSmart function may not work with CCCDs (Copy Control CDs) because they do not  match CD standards.

Blank Screen when updating new Control Board.  Sometimes the memory chip on the new board is blank and has no system software whatsoever. Just install the correct control unit update, version 3 or 4 supplied with the DCD1 manual.

Failed Update Messages when updating Mark III software. Instead of there being a program to update, all you see is ***.  Try again.  Just continue to try to update the program that didn't load. It may take several tries.

CD Audio Not available after updating.  Sometimes the update procedure on a Mark III will wipe out the CD volume settings.  Push the Selector button to Balance (TG Master Balance) and then one more time to set the CD Balance.  A good number is probably between 65 and 100.

DCD1+PS CD Player Notes

MIDI OUT.  When and if the DCD1 mode is set of ON, the MIDI OUT on the Control Unit is used to control the DCD1+PS, and so some MIDI OUT functions that were available before may be unable to be used.

Operating with a DKC55.  If DCD1 mode is set to ON and the Control Unit is a DKC55, then when a button on the DCD1+PS is pressed, the DCD1+PS operates as if the same button has been pressed on the Control Unit.

Adjusting the Volume

Volume Knob.  For songs on PianoSoft-Plus Audio, set VOLUME to 0 and set BALANCE to MIN.  Then gradually raise the BALANCE until a desired volume is achieved.

Using with Disklavier or GT10.  With pianos whose Piano Type is Disklavier of GT10, and with Disklavier pianos with a Control Unit, it is recommended to play back CDs at level "0".  Lowering the volume may cause some distortion in the sound.

MX100B pianos.  With the MX100B, playing a CD with the piano volume in "soft" mode may cause an error in the timing of the piano sound output, so that the piano parts and audio parts are not synchronous.  It is recommended to play back CDs with the piano volume raised to standard audible level.

Tuning.  The DCD1+PS does not have a pitch controlling function.  A catalog of DCD1+PS Compatible Smart PianoSoft Titles  is available with more titles being added.  Many CDs in the marketplace were not recorded for whatever reason at A440 hz but have companion Smart PianoSoft floppy disks available from Yamaha that play just fine in the Mark III with transposable audio. This list is to help DCD1+PS users to choose titles that will sound best in their systems.

Plays other manufacturer's CDsThe DCD1 will also play the entire library of PianoSoft_PlusAudio CDs, as well as QRS Pianomation and PianoDisc CDs. As of the moment, it cannot play MIDI files in folders that you have burned to a CD yourself, but perhaps that might be available in the future.  A girl can dream.