PianoSmart Documentation

Many thanks to Bill Brandom, Senior Technical Manager of the Piano Division of Yamaha Corporation of America in Buena Park, California, and his team for making this PianoSmart Upgrade for the DCD1 so well documented and easily available.  This upgrade, as opposed to a simple software update, represents an enormous amount of work to enable older Disklaviers to use audio technology with a minimum amount of expense.

Yamaha provides a FREE PianoSmart Operation Manual that thoroughly documents the new features and provides more details than the excerpts I have posted here.  You can order a manual from your Yamaha piano dealer or call 1-800-854-1569.

    PSMARTMAN written for the MarkIII Disklavier System with built-in CD players

    DCD1PS OM  written for the PianoSmart upgrade for the DCD1.
Comes in a FREE kit with update disks for both the control unit and the CD Player.
    Order the extra MIDI cable that is provided free as well.

A link will be available here when Yamaha puts their manuals on their website.  Meanwhile the excerpts provided here are: 

DCD1 PianoSmart Update Procedure  

DCD1+PS Compatible Catalog