PianoSmart Updates with Software Only
Hardware Requirements and PianoSmart Upgrade Kits
Pitch Compatiblity and limitations with the DCD1
DCD1+PS Compatible Smart PianoSoft Titles
DCD1+PS Update Procedure and Software
DCD1+PS Notes and Troubleshooting
PianoSmart Documentation

PianoSmart is Yamaha's latest technology for Disklaviers that enables your piano to play along with an audio CD.  You can either buy the piano performance on a Smart PianoSoft floppy disk from Yamaha, or record your own if your Disklavier has the Record feature.  There are hundreds of titles to choose from that match commercially available audio CDs.

PianoSmart Updates with Software Only

If you have a MarkIII Disklavier system with a built-in CD player, all you have to do is go to Yamaha's website and download the latest software update for your model at:
http://www.yamaha.com/yamahavgn/CDA/ContentDetail/Text_WithCatMenu_XC/0,6380,CNTID%253D12177%2526CTID%253D410015%2526VNM%253DLIVE%2526AFLG%253DY,00.html  There is also a free Disklavier PianoSmart Operation Manual available from Yamaha 1-800-854-1569 with the part number PSMARTMAN. 

Everyone else needs to pay careful attention to the upgrade (as opposed to update) requirements for their specific model of Disklavier as well as pitch compatibility considerations!!

The Disklavier systems below can also be updated with Software only (and a second MIDI cable that comes in the package with the software) provided they already have the appropriate SmartKey or EMK1 upgrades installed.  They must also have a DCD1 Yamaha CD player connected.  See Hardware Requirements below.

Hardware Requirements

DCD1 CD Player.  If your piano does not have the built-in CD player , you need to purchase the DCD1 Yamaha CD Player (retail $1295).  It would now be called the DCD1+PS because it would already have the PianoSmart feature installed in the CD player, come with two MIDI cables, the PianoSmart update disks for both the Control Unit and the CD Player, and an Operations Manual that differs slightly from the one mentioned above in that it is more specific to using the DCD1 with PianoSmart operations.

 If you already have a DCD1, Yamaha provides a FREE  update pack with the DCD1+PS Operation Manual (#DCD1PS OM) and the PianoSmart update disks for your Control Unit and CD Player. The extra MIDI cable (#TXMIDI) must be ordered separately, and it is also provided free.  This is available from your local Yamaha piano dealer or call 1-800-854-1569. If you absolutely cannot wait until you get your update pack to upgrade your current DCD1 to PianoSmart,  go to DCD1 PianoSmart Update Procedure on this website for the instructions and the software. You will need an extra MIDI cable (total of 2) even if you have a play-only system.  I heartily suggest that you obtain the official kit from Yamaha as it will contain more information than the bare basics I am providing here.

DSR1 Control Unit.  If your Disklavier cannot play MIDI files on 1.44M floppy disks, then you will also need to purchase a DSR1 Control Unit (retail $1295). These models, which only play ESEQ Yamaha files on 720k floppy disks, are the oldest DKVs; the MX100A/B uprights with built-in controllers in the lids, the Wagon Grands, MX80, all MarkIIs (not the MarkIIXG systems), and the playback only models DGH1BXG and DGP1XG. The following systems will also need the DSR1 Control Unit for PianoSmart; GT1, GT2, GT7, Silent Series/MIDIPiano SN type grand models, and Clavinova Digital Pianos. The Disklavier Mark II Silent Series (MPX100II), Silent Series Grand models (SG Type) and Silent Series Upright models also need the DSR1. This new control unit has the ability to play standard MIDI files, use 1.44MB floppy disks, a 1 MB memory disk, has updateable flash ROM and comes with 676 voices and 21 drum kits.  

New Control Board. Unless your Disklavier was previously upgraded to 8 Mb of memory so it would play SmartKey, or has the EMK1 module, it will also need a new control board.  If your system is a MarkIIXG (with no EMK1 or Smartkey) and has the DKC500R Control Unit, then you will need the new control board #V2211700.  If you have a MarkIIXG (with no EMK1 or Smartkey) with a DKC500RXG Control Unit, then you will need the new control board #V2520400.  If your Control Unit has a W in the model number, you do not need a new control board.  This new control board is available from your Yamaha dealer for about $350 plus installation.  It also upgrades your current XG tone card to allow you front panel access to 480 instrumental voices instead of 128.

Pitch CompatibilityMany audio CDs in the market are NOT at "A440hz - Concert Pitch".  The Mark III system with the built-in CD drive can correct the pitch of the CD up to 25 cents, sharp or flat. from A440hz.  The DCD1 does NOT have the ability to correct the pitch of the CD.  As a result, some Smart PianoSoft titles are too far "off-pitch" to be considered "DCD1 Compatible".  A list of more than 100 Smart PianoSoft titles that Yamaha feels are compatible with the DCD1 is included here, and more titles will be coming in the future.  See PianoSmart DCD1 Compatible Catalog. However, the entire library of PianoSoft_Plus Audio CDs that Yamaha produces ARE recorded at A440hz and will play perfectly with the DCD1.

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